Understanding and Facilitating Transitions

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Welcome to our website!

MakingMeaningInTransitions.com is about

  1. Making meaning:  this assumes that as persons, we have agency in life’s meaning.  Meaning is not served on a silver platter to us, but rather, we pursue endeavours that bring us meaning, we live by values that sustain that, and we engage with the world in ways that bring meaning to us, as well as others.
  2. Transitions – those life-altering changes, stages, situations in which we must let go of what we have known and “grab onto another vine.” The in-between stages can be exciting – but often are confusing, anxiety-producing and sometimes feel pointless.  These transitions occur at every life stage – learning to walk, going to university, marriage and families, dealing with a chronic illness or the permanent effects of a life-altering accident, and facing into one’s own mortality.  Transitions change us!

How can we actively make meaning in the transitions of life?  This is what this website is all about; please check us out and tell your friends!  Annette and I will offer information and services.  There will be regular posts/quotes/tips to enhance your life and to help you through your transitions.

I close this little welcome with two quotes from American essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson[1]:

“Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit.”

“Not in his goals, but in his transitions is man great.”

Thank you for dropping by!

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[1] Both quotes are from www.azquotes.com

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