The Meaning is in the Dirt

Marlene R.

Peterborough, Ont.

April 24, 2020

This practical, “gem” of a book is a must read for anyone wishing to enrich their lives in meaningful and impactful ways. It highlights the importance of being intentional about the seeds we plant in the “garden” of our lives in order to render a life full of beauty and purpose. Written from a Christian perspective, each skillfully written page has the potential to yield life change for the reader and in turn, for others. Thank you to the authors for this thought-provoking book which is one I will refer back to again and again.


Jacquie Brezovski

Best book of daily meditations on how to have a meaningful life. Easy to read and life changing.

February 4, 2020

I loved this book and I will reread it over and over again. Every day I looked forward to my daily reading and I was never disappointed. Each day provided a new gentle and compassionate guide towards making a meaningful life. The authors give insights that are inspiring, motivating and enriching and they do so simply and with kindness. It has a Christian focus that is not overwhelming and is nonjudgemental. This book is a rare find and I am so glad I will be able to enjoy it over and over again. Thanks to the authors for giving me hope and practical ideas for enhancing my life.

Older Adults – Understanding & Facilitating Transitions

Jacquie Brezovski

I loved this book. Very helpful for health care professionals and personally in caring for older adults

July 29, 2015


I loved this book. I give huge accolades to the authors for this informative, concise, well researched, and sensitive book. Each chapter is full of real life examples that are touching and interesting and highlight the information given.

Originally meant as a textbook, I have found this text personally helpful in understanding my own transitions and in helping me facilitate my parents through their medical and social transitions. It is truly easy to read and its content is fresh and relevant to everyone.

I studied nursing and never did we touch on how to help older adults understand their own transitions and how we as caregivers can help them. I think this is the first book of its kind and I hope that it will be used extensively in health care education. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to understand about their own transitions and for anyone caring for older parents and guiding them through their transitions and how it effects the family.

Such An Important And Timely Book
August 3, 2015 
This is a fabulous book, warmly written and unique as it integrates nursing knowledge with spiritual care. It is applicable both for health and human service professionals, as well as the general public wanting to understand life’s transitions, particularly those experienced by their aging spouses or parents. Rich case studies, based on the author’s work, are presented and then woven throughout fully bringing the discussion to life. The heart felt photos also do this. If I was still teaching in undergraduate nursing education, I would recommend this book to the curriculum committee for consideration in all years of the program, starting with first year students and then follow them through the next years. The book is also highly relevant for graduate education. I now teach therapeutic writing and am considering using this book as the foundation for an upcoming course. I have heard these women present at conferences and they are caring, compassionate, authentic, and knowledgeable. All of those qualities are in their book. They also well understand the power of writing to heal. Finally, they have a delightful way of connecting with the audience and readers which is enhanced considering they are twins.

Meaning in Older Age – Bring Together the Pieces of Your Life


An engaging thoughtful book April 9, 2017 An engaging and thoughtful little book for those in older age and those who love and care for them. The authors’ anecdotes, drawn from their own clinical and personal experiences, were particularly engaging. The book is a great starting point for a personal inventory, with excellent ideas on making changes where necessary. I particularly valued the discussion of the importance of mentoring and the example that can be set if lives are lived meaningfully.

A simply written and thoughtful book about the meaning of …
March 7, 2017
A simply written and thoughtful book about the meaning of meaning, and the ways in which we find and create meaning in a multitude of ways throughout our lifetimes. The special focus on the continuing value of seeing and creating meaning during our senior years is presented with sensitivity and wisdom. This book should be of interest to seniors, to those who have seniors within there families, and all who wonder how they can be helpful to seniors as the seniors move forward in ways that are meaningful to the seniors.
Excellent and insightful read!
March 9, 2017
Thoughtful and insightful book! I read this book to help my aging mother and found that I hugely benefitted as well. There are so many pages that I have marked as I want to reread them. I loved how easy the book was to read and there are so many interesting and human examples to help the reader understand the authors ideas. The book is written with warmth and compassion and filled me with hope and methods to journey well into my older age. Thanks to the authors for their excellent guide for living well.
So the book could easily become a group study
March 28, 2017
What do the words “tapestry, kintsugi, self-soothe, wrest, miswanting, holding space, and self transcendence” mean to you? This is just some of the vocabulary used by these two engaging authors to expand our understanding of finding meaning in life. A practical book and a quick read for the average person, who wants to deal, with integrity, with older people in their lives. No medical or science degree needed to understand the concepts. Both authors are professionals and practitioners in their fields of expertise. They do a thorough review of what meaning is AND what meaning is not. “Meaning is not interchangeable with happiness”. They identify common misconceptions in western society around retirement, aging bodies, exaltation of youth culture, multigenerational housing, and the mundane. Each chapter ends with probing questions and “tips for consideration”, so the book could easily become a group study. Highly recommended for anyone engaged with life after 50.