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In this book of meditations, we describe how “dirt” becomes the soil in the gardens of our lives to produce good things.  Difficulties, effort, and the development of character all work together ~ if we co-operate with our Creator, the Master Gardner ~ to produce a harvest of a meaningful life, for us and for others.

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“Old age is no place for sissies!” exclaimed Bette Davis.  This has always been true, but with the challenges of our current society, it has become even more poignant.  Transitions are confounding and challenging to navigate!  While transitions can be difficult for anyone, they often pose great problems for older adults within North America.  This book is about transition experiences through the lifespan.  In particular, it focuses on transitions that older adults and their families face, such as coping with chronic illness, relocating to new settings, issues of meaning and purpose in life and death and dying.

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Making meaning if life can be challenging at any age. However, making and sustaining meaning in advancing age can be especially difficult due to physiological changes, declining health, and multiple losses. From years of personal and professional experience, and with much warmth, the authors address the multifaceted nature of meaning and offer practical ways in which older adults can find and sustain meaning despite the transitions experienced. They also offer ways in which family members can help their aging loved ones in their journey of meaning-making. Bringing together the pieces of one’s life through meaning-making is vital for older adults and offers a precious gift to their loved ones!

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