Marlette          Marlette Reed, BEd, MA

is a community chaplain and sessional instructor at a number of post-secondary institutions in Calgary, Canada. She also speaks on the issues germane to older adults in a variety of settings – churches, nursing homes, and conferences locally, nationally and internationally. After enjoying the challenges as a junior high teacher for 18 years, she went on to become a palliative care chaplain providing end-of-life care for almost a decade. In addition she has been a pastor providing pastoral care for those facing life issues and providing guidance for those effected by transitions in later life.

Annette        Annette Lane, RN, PhD

is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies at Athabasca University. Her areas of expertise include older adults with mental illness and their families. She speaks locally, nationally and internationally about issues pertaining to older adults.  Her life experiences have taken her from her years as a nurse in a Cambodian refugee camp to providing local crisis counseling and to supervising a mental health unit at a Calgary hospital.

P.S. Yes, we are identical twins!